A Thrilling Thursday

Just can’t contain myself right now.

I got the mail and WOW!

Look what was in it:


Number 2 has arrived.


Maybe that was an unfortunate little sentence.

But any-who, yes number 2 arrived…Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide Number 2!

Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne pretty much just made my day.  Big time.

I loved the first one but I really, really love this second one.

I am drooling over the Ann Budd sock pattern “Apres-Anything.  The Asterisk/Dot Hat and Cowl, more drool.  Then a hush falls over the crowd for the fabulous Hadley Pullover.  Shiver shiver. Gonna do the socks first.  Then it will be a toss of the dice for what’s next.  We really have the best of all worlds with this little handy field guide.  There are terrific patterns, glorious color work charts, and the famous Mason-Dixon humor.  Dang!

Happy Thursday!

Here’s a link to Mason-Dixon knitting so you can get your field guides if you haven’t.


Look around there for a little while.  You will be so entertained!  Get on their mailing list and you can preorder the next field guide like I have done for the first two. They also send you funny emails, especially on Saturdays.  Yep, so funny.

So happy to check the mail-y yours,

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment-



Ode to Mason-Dixon Knitting

I just can’t wait.  Is it Christmas morning?  No, better than that!  It’s just 2 days until the Mason-Dixon Knit-Along starts on February 1st!  Party!  See, it’s hard to explain but events just make me so motivated and happy.  Goals…that’s it.  Everyone needs goals.  I just mean more yarn and projects really.

A week or so ago I stumbled across a post on Facebook from Mason-Dixon Knitting for a yarn give-away for a beautiful cowl kit of many colors.  So up my alley.  Many colors.  Shiver.

I went on and entered that give-away.  I don’t think I won though.  Or did I??  haha  Positive spin.  I started following M-D’s page and I remembered why I enjoy reading all that they can give me.  They’re just so funny.  And they know so much technical stuff.  Win-win.

Have you read their books?  Meet Kay and Ann:


(look-you can see me in that shot above)


I just spent the afternoon going through my books that I’ve had since my mother-in-law told me about their Warsh rags and swiffer mop covers.

When I open up the first book I just feel like I’m chatting with good friends.  I challenge you to make it a couple of pages without busting into a broad smile.  Or snorting.  They write like they talk and it’s a good way to read.

The first book will guide a beginner knitter and cradle them as they explore their way through fiber-ty.  The second one gets into the knitty gritty and challenges the knitter to grow and become their own knitter-self.  Plus the favorite Warsh rag carries over to the second.

The funniest page I’ve ever read was in the first book -page 90-The places they have tried to knit and failed.  I can’t say more.  You have to read it yourself.

The pages of both books are crammed to the rim with info.  Treasures.  I need to go lay down now and just reboot as my brain wants me to go and get some cotton and get to making some warsh rags and the fancy powder room gifts.  Must make gifts for the ladies.

Also I need to think about my Stopover sweater for Monday with the Knit Along.  I wish I could knit faster!!

Go and visit their website:


Get in there and I bet you’ll have some warsh rags before long, too.

Knitalong impatience-ly yours,

-Here’s my pot ‘o’gold-this moment-