Big Needles, Big Knits, Big Bike

Happy New Year!  I hope you are WARM.  It is Igloo where I live apparently:


So I shall knit more things to keep warm.  Also I have been riding my bike (inside, silly) to keep moving to keep warm.  The two really go hand in needle together.


My last minute Christmas Knits were done on size 35 and 17 needles.  I always wait too late to get my knitting gifts done.  It’s also good to have a college kid home who knits like a machine to help you get things done.  That’s right, I had a ringer.  Back to the big needles…I absolutely love to make the Angel Cowl by Theresa from Lucky Hanks on Etsy:

The pattern is so easy and I’ve been personally wearing my own Angel Cowl every single day lately.  I’ve just finished making three of them for gifts.

I found that I also wanted to make this fun big needle hat called the Pom Bomb:

I used Knit Collage Wanderlust and then I went to JoAnns and found a giant yarn there to make another.  You can make the hat in an hour if that.

The hat comes out kind of like a helmet.  My kids didn’t want all of the pom poms and opted for just helmet.  My son said his friends would like some.  It’s been tricky to find cheap Big Ol’ yarn to do these in.  I just saw Lion Brand has a new yarn called Wow that would work so I’ve got to scout that out.  Knitting with this big yarn is kind of hard on your hands…working with size 35 double points is an adventure.  But it’s over quickly and people like it.  That’s good news to me.

Now I have switched to a slightly smaller needle (10 1/2).  I had a sweater I was working on that I fell out of love with and decided to rip it back and make hats out of it.


I really love how this fabric is feeling!  So squishy and soft.  This design is just coming out of my head.  Who knows what it’s going to turn out like.  Crossing fingers.

Right before Christmas I was able to finish a toddler sweater (matches a little hat I had made for this adorable little guy):


and a little present for a friend’s dog:


Pretty fun projects that were improvised mostly.  Whew!

Here’s to a great Happy Knit (or Crochet) Year!


-Here’s my Pot O’ Gold-this moment!






Can I get a cowl here? Cowl? Anyone? Cowl?


So for my stylish outfit I’m sure I need a new cowl.

I want to make ALL of the cowls.  These things are amazing.  Stylish and functional.  I’ve made some already but as I am an addict to the cowl…MORE!  The magenta, gray, and black cowl (below) is the Angel Cowl pattern from Lucky Hanks on Etsy:

She’s terrific!  I also like her blanket patterns and kits.  Wow!


The others pictures are cowls made by arm knitting and with my Giants Needles.  Now there are more but I need to get to finding the next one!

Ravelry makes it so hard for me to limit my choices to just one.  I also like FREE patterns.  I’m kinda cheap.  Here are my top 3 picks (at least as of this moment and I will probably pick 3 more tomorrow because I love them all) and the Marian pattern earns my top pick:

(there are pictures on my facebook page of some of the ravelry patterns…bt dub; I’ve been playing with adding widgets on the left side of the page.)

OOH, here’s a mobius cowl at Number Two for fun techniques:

That’ll put a twist on it…get it? haha

Then there’s Brioche at Number 3 to try (LOVE squishy brioche):

Here’s another outfit to adorn with cowls (that’s one of my kids…shhhh):


Enjoy your day!  Here are some shots of a little Wisconsin winter:



Can’t deny I’m waiting for this:


Warm thoughts and chunky, squishy cowls to you,

-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment!