Oh, Gloves!

I really want to get these gloves done.  When a kid asks you for gloves or anything knit really, you squeal with delight and dig in.  Then glove reality sets in.  Oh, and I get distracted easily.  Squirrel.


These gloves have been on my needles for a while.  A looooong while.  Their time has come.  And I really mean it now.

I started the gloves from a pattern in “Men in Knits” by Tara Jon Manning.  Got one done and man, it was huge.  My gauge was right on, they just happen to be for bigger man hands than my kid has, I guess.  So rip, rip, rip.  I started over and woohoo…one glove done.

Then there is the face I make.  There needs to be TWO.  So I started up right away again.



Okay, then stuff happened everywhere but with the glove.  But today is the day.

Do you ever have a moment when you pick up something you were knitting and then you say to yourself, “Doh!  Where was I?  What the heck is going on with this pattern?  What was I thinking? Someone bring me a donut.”  I’m sure it goes something like that.


(Buffy looks a little worried back there)

I am now staring at my notes that I made for making this pattern smaller.  I wish I could have left better notes for my future self to read.


Do not worry.  I will figure this out and then there will be a finished picture.  Can you still bring me a donut?

Gloves-will-get-done-ily yours,

-Here’s my Pot O’ Gold-this moment-



Big Needles, Big Knits, Big Bike

Happy New Year!  I hope you are WARM.  It is Igloo where I live apparently:


So I shall knit more things to keep warm.  Also I have been riding my bike (inside, silly) to keep moving to keep warm.  The two really go hand in needle together.


My last minute Christmas Knits were done on size 35 and 17 needles.  I always wait too late to get my knitting gifts done.  It’s also good to have a college kid home who knits like a machine to help you get things done.  That’s right, I had a ringer.  Back to the big needles…I absolutely love to make the Angel Cowl by Theresa from Lucky Hanks on Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/LuckyHanks?ref=l2-shopheader-name

The pattern is so easy and I’ve been personally wearing my own Angel Cowl every single day lately.  I’ve just finished making three of them for gifts.

I found that I also wanted to make this fun big needle hat called the Pom Bomb:


I used Knit Collage Wanderlust and then I went to JoAnns and found a giant yarn there to make another.  You can make the hat in an hour if that.

The hat comes out kind of like a helmet.  My kids didn’t want all of the pom poms and opted for just helmet.  My son said his friends would like some.  It’s been tricky to find cheap Big Ol’ yarn to do these in.  I just saw Lion Brand has a new yarn called Wow that would work so I’ve got to scout that out.  Knitting with this big yarn is kind of hard on your hands…working with size 35 double points is an adventure.  But it’s over quickly and people like it.  That’s good news to me.

Now I have switched to a slightly smaller needle (10 1/2).  I had a sweater I was working on that I fell out of love with and decided to rip it back and make hats out of it.


I really love how this fabric is feeling!  So squishy and soft.  This design is just coming out of my head.  Who knows what it’s going to turn out like.  Crossing fingers.

Right before Christmas I was able to finish a toddler sweater (matches a little hat I had made for this adorable little guy):


and a little present for a friend’s dog:


Pretty fun projects that were improvised mostly.  Whew!

Here’s to a great Happy Knit (or Crochet) Year!


-Here’s my Pot O’ Gold-this moment!





Jump on the Knitting Brioche Wagon!

Brioche knitting seems to be the topic of the day lately.  Last week I was able to go to Stitches Midwest 2016 in Chicago and I heard a lot of buzz about it from knitters walking around in the market.  Brioche also makes me think of delicious bread.  Whatcha gonna do?

Happily I stumbled upon KnitCircus Yarns’ booth:


and saw this beautiful cowl that was the squishiest and loveliest rainbow creation called the Chromatic Cowl!   Here’s a link by the way…you are welcome!:


My friend and I squished it for quite a while.  At first it looks like a ribbed stitch but if you start picking around at it, which we did, you can see something strange was going on with that ribbing.

A couple of months ago I had picked up Nancy Marchant’s book “Knitting Brioche:  The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch” but hadn’t yet had a chance to check it out.


Well, hot dog!  Things worked out.  The book has some great tips for everything Brioche.  It did give me a little twinge in my neck however as I really just wanted to dig in and make something simple right away.  The Chromatic Cowl is the perfect add-on for this book.  Amy Detjen, who wrote the pattern, mentions on the pattern page that it’s a pretty easy pattern if you know how to do Brioche knitting but definitely refer to Nancy’s book for help as she’s the expert.  Perfect!

I had no problem figuring out what to do in the pattern after I read some helpful hints in the book.  Make sure you don’t cast on too tight.  I used the German Twisted Cast On method.  This does take a bit more yarn to cast on so be generous in this area.  I picked out a beautiful yarn from KnitCircus Yarns along with a natural color for the two-color Brioche:


Try not to start your project while you are watching an exciting women’s rugby match on the Olympics, okay?  You might have trouble.  I know…

Here’s my start:


You can see I’ve progressed pretty well here:


This is just SO soft.

Now don’t laugh too hard while reading the knitting abbreviations as you will see a BRP in there.  Psssst…it’s not a real Burp…but you sure won’t forget it now.

If you have any troubles, just look up Nancy Marchant’s videos and you’ll be fine.

Get on that wagon…the Brioche Knitting Wagon!

Brioche-ly yours,

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment-


Queen of Thorns

Every Sunday in April, May, and June I happily anticipate the newest episode of Game of Thrones.  Especially this year.  Last season was very emotionally trying and it sure seemed like it was time for some good things to happen to my favorite characters.  But you just never know.  I stumbled across a Mystery Knit-Along called Queen of Thorns from Jimmy Beans Wool:


I don’t trust this show very much in regards to giving me good things to happen so I thought this would be the perfect idea!  I’ll have a project to work on while watching so whatever devastating things would be coming my way at least I will have a buffer.  Plus I can kind of look away at the very graphic things that always happen during the show.  So the idea was, every week a new clue would be sent to do with the project being completed in about a month.

The Queen of Thorns character is a little feisty old lady who puts everyone in their place.  Seems admirable.  The colors were gorgeous, too.

With Mystery Knit-Alongs I always hesitate to jump in too quickly in case there are mistakes in the clues.  I love that there are groups on Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/queen-of-thorns-mkal-2016 to discuss any trouble or questions.  I waited a little bit to get started and just watched the first episode without the project in my hand.  Then I checked out the group discussion.  Not too bad!  There weren’t too many snags.   So I started after the first episode.  Also…SPOILER…but everyone’s heard by now…Jon Snow is ALIVE!!  Such happy news.  But we can never let our guard down as there are many opportunities for characters to get taken down.

I’ve taken my project along on a lot of car rides and scenic tours:


(This was a fun day in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at the Schmeekle Nature Preserve…go visit there…it’s amazing!  Also check out their trail system):


I’m a little behind the month to finish but only have about 12 rows to go to finish.  I’ve hidden behind the shawl a few times while watching the show.  Thank goodness it was there.  Happily the character Queen of Thorns is still with us…for now.

This lady was watching me…I think she would like to start her own MKAL.

Where’s your favorite spot to work on projects?

Coming soon:  Some friends and I are tackling the Vitamin D Sweater:


I did start it before I finished my mystery shawl…but is that really news to anyone??


So much knitting and so little time-ily yours,

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment-




WIP Wednesday and St. Patrick’s Day Eve

It’s that glorious time of year!  It’s the day that we make 140 shamrock cookies for friends.  This tradition was started just a couple of years ago and I have been looking forward to it for a while now.  That and wearing my awesome green converse high tops tomorrow.


Now that the cookies are all done and packed and ready to give out I wanted to quick get in a WIP Wednesday posting.  Before WIP Wednesday is over.  Oh and I need to get my brackets done for tomorrow.  Such a bizarre week.

Here’s what my husband brought home today:


That’s a big bracket.

I’m not sure what strategy I will go with.  Mascots?  Funny names?  Rankings?  mwah haha

In other news, here is my current work in progress:


This just makes me so happy to knit!  It is Hayley Foord’s Conundrum Shawlette:


(It also happens to be free!)

I’m using a beautiful ball of Crazy Zauberball yarn which in itself is so entertaining.  Grab some sock yarn and try not to become addicted to this pattern!

What shawlettes or scarves do you like to do?

Off to work on my WIP so soon it will be a FO.  (I was listening to a podcast today and was very entertained listening to the hosts – The Grocery Girls on YouTube-talking in yarnie:  They were talking about HOs and FOs and WIPs (half finished pairs of socks for HO, finished objects and work in progress just in case).   I hadn’t really heard HO before but it really sums it up for those projects that require you to make two parts.  Heck, I can barely get the one thing done.  I’m hoping to make two different socks-wearing cool for moms around here.  It is amazing how now there is a yarnie language.  The industry is just amazing!

Yours in GREEN shoes tomorrow

-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment!



How come I didn’t finish that project?


Well, that looks pretty good.

Except I am not sure what pattern I was using.  Why didn’t I finish that?  Well, simply I have a bit of knitting ADD.  I like pretty colors.  AND I like THOSE pretty colors.

This is an intervention.  You can see my dog, Buffy, is watching me and trying to keep me on track.  Good luck, girlie.

I was looking through some knitting bags (oh I have many) today and I found that beautiful red chunky yarn in what I think was going to be a cardigan and this hat:


It’s all done except for the I-cord on one side and a pom pom.  Geez.  I made it the whole way around the track and fell down at the end.  Ah, well at least I forgive myself.  I’m planning on finishing the hat at least tonight and also this beautiful purple chunky scarf…it just needs pom poms as well:


It’s hard to focus some days on finishing.

How do you keep yourself on track?

I told myself this year is the year I either finish these types of projects or pull them out and get it together.  Okay.

I will keep you posted!  I shall call today:  Finish It Friday.

Going to finish it for sure-ly yours,

-Here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!


What are you watching and knitting?


What are YOU watching and knitting?  Well, Buffy is watching me in hopes of some kind of food falling on the ground mostly.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with watching new shows that are on and please don’t judge but I’m totally loving the Bachelor, American Idol, and I’m so sad that Dancing With the Stars isn’t on right now.  Well, I get a lot of things done during these shows.  When I sit down I think, Man I have to knit a lot on this sweater.  Then after I shout at the TV for a while because Ben shouldn’t be picking that one mean girl, I look down at my knitting and hey wow!  I got really far.  Yeah!  Sometimes my knitting gets a little tight.  That’s because of Ben’s bad choices again.  Or that singer that really probably should have had his Mom tell him the truth that he should only sing in the shower.


(By the way, don’t you just love PURPLE?)

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I watch Downton Abbey.  I’ve NEVER watched an episode…until the night the Packers got beat by the Cardinals.  I decided that would be the night I would watch just to forget about that game for a while.  Hey, it’s pretty good.  I’ve only watch two episodes but yeah, I’m probably hooked.  Pretty easy really.


I just have to pick projects that aren’t too involved to be able to watch the shows though.  I’ve tried with some lace patterns and a more than four line pattern and that was nuts.  Yep, had to do some unknitting.

Have I mentioned my love affair with Vampire Diaries?  Sigh.

My DVR is only about two years old and I cannot believe I could live without one!  I mean, how does one go and do activities when Agent Carter is on?  I need to see Peggy kick some butt.  She’s so fancy and awesome.  How can I catch all of the Wednesday night shows when a kid needs to get dropped off here and there?  Heidi has to tell me who is going to be on the next Project Runway and if I don’t hear Tim Gunn say “Make it work” I can’t go on.

I hear you.  You just said Get a life, right?  haha  I just like stories.  Oh, and drama.  Also the glorious world of Say Yes to the Dress.  Sweetheart necklines and beaded bodices.  Yeah!

Hey, there’s a pattern on Ravelry that is called The Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Scrap User Upper Afghan:


I’m saved!  There are others like me!!  Are you?

Now to look for more patterns that are TV-ready…


Talk to you during the commercial…er wait, I can fast forward through them now.  Well, dang!

TV addict-ly yours,

Here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!