Big Needles, Big Knits, Big Bike

Happy New Year!  I hope you are WARM.  It is Igloo where I live apparently:


So I shall knit more things to keep warm.  Also I have been riding my bike (inside, silly) to keep moving to keep warm.  The two really go hand in needle together.


My last minute Christmas Knits were done on size 35 and 17 needles.  I always wait too late to get my knitting gifts done.  It’s also good to have a college kid home who knits like a machine to help you get things done.  That’s right, I had a ringer.  Back to the big needles…I absolutely love to make the Angel Cowl by Theresa from Lucky Hanks on Etsy:

The pattern is so easy and I’ve been personally wearing my own Angel Cowl every single day lately.  I’ve just finished making three of them for gifts.

I found that I also wanted to make this fun big needle hat called the Pom Bomb:

I used Knit Collage Wanderlust and then I went to JoAnns and found a giant yarn there to make another.  You can make the hat in an hour if that.

The hat comes out kind of like a helmet.  My kids didn’t want all of the pom poms and opted for just helmet.  My son said his friends would like some.  It’s been tricky to find cheap Big Ol’ yarn to do these in.  I just saw Lion Brand has a new yarn called Wow that would work so I’ve got to scout that out.  Knitting with this big yarn is kind of hard on your hands…working with size 35 double points is an adventure.  But it’s over quickly and people like it.  That’s good news to me.

Now I have switched to a slightly smaller needle (10 1/2).  I had a sweater I was working on that I fell out of love with and decided to rip it back and make hats out of it.


I really love how this fabric is feeling!  So squishy and soft.  This design is just coming out of my head.  Who knows what it’s going to turn out like.  Crossing fingers.

Right before Christmas I was able to finish a toddler sweater (matches a little hat I had made for this adorable little guy):


and a little present for a friend’s dog:


Pretty fun projects that were improvised mostly.  Whew!

Here’s to a great Happy Knit (or Crochet) Year!


-Here’s my Pot O’ Gold-this moment!






Throw-back Thursday projects

Yesterday I was asked about a pattern for a project I had done a few years ago.  Usually I can remember exactly what pattern and yarn I had used for most of my projects but I was a little off on my game so I went to trusty old Ravelry and looked it up in my notebook there.

Ravelry continues to save my behind.

Well, that and I had actually listed the project in my notebook which is pretty huge.  Sometimes I get so excited to work on a new project I totally blow off taking a picture and loading details into my notebook.  WHAT?  Okay, I am guilty of doing that quite a bit.  But hey, you are my witness…I’m going to work on that from now on.  Starting….NOW….really.

Anyway, the project was a cute little elephant that I made for my sister.


This was from Susan B. Anderson’s blog and is called Elefante (and it happens to be FREE).

Susan is just so amazing!  (She will be teaching classes near me in just a couple of months and I am giddy with excitement to be going!  She is teaching her new Sheep! project and covering pattern design as well.  I may have just squealed.  Ahem.)

Here’s a look at Susan’s projects:

As I was looking through my notebook I saw a couple of other favorites from the same time frame that I had knit:




first sweater


which happens to be another Susan B. Anderson project…(yikes, I’m not a stalker or anything, really…she just is so good!)

An interesting side note of the baby sweater project…I took that picture in the car as I was traveling to deliver it as a gift,   It hadn’t quite dried from blocking so I was trying to hurry it along a little in the car with fans so I could tuck it into a gift bag.  A gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.  Don’t ask me if I had just finished knitting it the night before or anything.

Thursday’s are good for remembering those good times and they help me to focus on what I can do to keep improving.  How about you?  Are you good at keeping your notebook on Ravelry up to date?

Throwing it back to you,

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment-





Where’s my Finish Line Ribbon?


Yeah!  LOL!  Here’s a follow-up to my unfinished things from yesterday.  Still nothing on that red chunky sweater though.  Baby steps, baby steps.

Finished the Giant Purple scarf and the flap cap:

Oh my stars!  All this hat needed was an i-cord and pom pom.  Done!  Check.

Then ta da:





I just love it so much and I also love a giant purple pom pom:


Hoorah.  Maybe there’s hope for all my UFOs.  Let’s go shopping for more yarn!

Finish a couple-y yours:

-Here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!


How come I didn’t finish that project?


Well, that looks pretty good.

Except I am not sure what pattern I was using.  Why didn’t I finish that?  Well, simply I have a bit of knitting ADD.  I like pretty colors.  AND I like THOSE pretty colors.

This is an intervention.  You can see my dog, Buffy, is watching me and trying to keep me on track.  Good luck, girlie.

I was looking through some knitting bags (oh I have many) today and I found that beautiful red chunky yarn in what I think was going to be a cardigan and this hat:


It’s all done except for the I-cord on one side and a pom pom.  Geez.  I made it the whole way around the track and fell down at the end.  Ah, well at least I forgive myself.  I’m planning on finishing the hat at least tonight and also this beautiful purple chunky scarf…it just needs pom poms as well:


It’s hard to focus some days on finishing.

How do you keep yourself on track?

I told myself this year is the year I either finish these types of projects or pull them out and get it together.  Okay.

I will keep you posted!  I shall call today:  Finish It Friday.

Going to finish it for sure-ly yours,

-Here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!