My Most Excellent Adventure at Stitches Midwest 2016

This year’s Stitches Midwest was a blast…as was last year’s and the year before that and…well, it’s true.  Usually I just go to see the market but for a change I thought I’d try one of the Special Events.  It was nice to be able to pick just one for not a lot of money.  I’ve always steered clear of a lot of the classes because of cost.  I’ve got to save so I can buy swag.

Then I read that Steven Be was going to be presenting!  His presentation was called “Unlock your creative potential and embrace your color and fiber future”.  So Friday morning my little squad and I made our way to see Steven Be.  There were even fancy badges to wear.  It was a packed house.  Steven had light up shoes that changed colors.  Did you expect anything else?  img_2098-copy

We sat there and let Steven’s colorful everything flow over us, encompassing us, teaching us, challenging us to grow and giving us permission to yes throw in that crazy color for some pop in your next project.

That one hour went so fast!  I could have sat there all day.  I also want to throw random colors in every project I do because Steven said it’s ok.  You can do whatever you want.  There are no wrong answers.  Even if you run out of yarn and don’t use the same dye lot (gasp) or maybe you switch up your pattern you’re working on and toss in funky sleeves or a hood or something.  Isn’t that exciting?

But hey, the market beckoned.  It’s fun to see what items are most popular each year and it seemed that cowls, shawls, multi-colored and self-striping yarns wound in delicious cakes won in my eyes.

Here are a couple of favorite stops on my adventure:


Stunning String Studio:


KnitCircus Yarns:


(Look at those delicious cakes!)


Shirsty Cat Designs:



Three Irish Girls (oh my goodness…I just love them):


and then here are some lovely lovelies:


Here’s my haul:

I know, right!!

I’m also going to make this tie -by James Cox Knits:


Next year I’d like to explore more of the events hopefully.  Maybe one day I’ll venture into a class.  Have you taken any classes at a Stitches Event?

Stitches-ly yours,

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment-



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