Jump on the Knitting Brioche Wagon!

Brioche knitting seems to be the topic of the day lately.  Last week I was able to go to Stitches Midwest 2016 in Chicago and I heard a lot of buzz about it from knitters walking around in the market.  Brioche also makes me think of delicious bread.  Whatcha gonna do?

Happily I stumbled upon KnitCircus Yarns’ booth:


and saw this beautiful cowl that was the squishiest and loveliest rainbow creation called the Chromatic Cowl!   Here’s a link by the way…you are welcome!:


My friend and I squished it for quite a while.  At first it looks like a ribbed stitch but if you start picking around at it, which we did, you can see something strange was going on with that ribbing.

A couple of months ago I had picked up Nancy Marchant’s book “Knitting Brioche:  The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch” but hadn’t yet had a chance to check it out.


Well, hot dog!  Things worked out.  The book has some great tips for everything Brioche.  It did give me a little twinge in my neck however as I really just wanted to dig in and make something simple right away.  The Chromatic Cowl is the perfect add-on for this book.  Amy Detjen, who wrote the pattern, mentions on the pattern page that it’s a pretty easy pattern if you know how to do Brioche knitting but definitely refer to Nancy’s book for help as she’s the expert.  Perfect!

I had no problem figuring out what to do in the pattern after I read some helpful hints in the book.  Make sure you don’t cast on too tight.  I used the German Twisted Cast On method.  This does take a bit more yarn to cast on so be generous in this area.  I picked out a beautiful yarn from KnitCircus Yarns along with a natural color for the two-color Brioche:


Try not to start your project while you are watching an exciting women’s rugby match on the Olympics, okay?  You might have trouble.  I know…

Here’s my start:


You can see I’ve progressed pretty well here:


This is just SO soft.

Now don’t laugh too hard while reading the knitting abbreviations as you will see a BRP in there.  Psssst…it’s not a real Burp…but you sure won’t forget it now.

If you have any troubles, just look up Nancy Marchant’s videos and you’ll be fine.

Get on that wagon…the Brioche Knitting Wagon!

Brioche-ly yours,

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment-



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