Throw-back Thursday projects

Yesterday I was asked about a pattern for a project I had done a few years ago.  Usually I can remember exactly what pattern and yarn I had used for most of my projects but I was a little off on my game so I went to trusty old Ravelry and looked it up in my notebook there.

Ravelry continues to save my behind.

Well, that and I had actually listed the project in my notebook which is pretty huge.  Sometimes I get so excited to work on a new project I totally blow off taking a picture and loading details into my notebook.  WHAT?  Okay, I am guilty of doing that quite a bit.  But hey, you are my witness…I’m going to work on that from now on.  Starting….NOW….really.

Anyway, the project was a cute little elephant that I made for my sister.


This was from Susan B. Anderson’s blog and is called Elefante (and it happens to be FREE).

Susan is just so amazing!  (She will be teaching classes near me in just a couple of months and I am giddy with excitement to be going!  She is teaching her new Sheep! project and covering pattern design as well.  I may have just squealed.  Ahem.)

Here’s a look at Susan’s projects:

As I was looking through my notebook I saw a couple of other favorites from the same time frame that I had knit:




first sweater


which happens to be another Susan B. Anderson project…(yikes, I’m not a stalker or anything, really…she just is so good!)

An interesting side note of the baby sweater project…I took that picture in the car as I was traveling to deliver it as a gift,   It hadn’t quite dried from blocking so I was trying to hurry it along a little in the car with fans so I could tuck it into a gift bag.  A gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.  Don’t ask me if I had just finished knitting it the night before or anything.

Thursday’s are good for remembering those good times and they help me to focus on what I can do to keep improving.  How about you?  Are you good at keeping your notebook on Ravelry up to date?

Throwing it back to you,

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment-






Queen of Thorns

Every Sunday in April, May, and June I happily anticipate the newest episode of Game of Thrones.  Especially this year.  Last season was very emotionally trying and it sure seemed like it was time for some good things to happen to my favorite characters.  But you just never know.  I stumbled across a Mystery Knit-Along called Queen of Thorns from Jimmy Beans Wool:

I don’t trust this show very much in regards to giving me good things to happen so I thought this would be the perfect idea!  I’ll have a project to work on while watching so whatever devastating things would be coming my way at least I will have a buffer.  Plus I can kind of look away at the very graphic things that always happen during the show.  So the idea was, every week a new clue would be sent to do with the project being completed in about a month.

The Queen of Thorns character is a little feisty old lady who puts everyone in their place.  Seems admirable.  The colors were gorgeous, too.

With Mystery Knit-Alongs I always hesitate to jump in too quickly in case there are mistakes in the clues.  I love that there are groups on Ravelry to discuss any trouble or questions.  I waited a little bit to get started and just watched the first episode without the project in my hand.  Then I checked out the group discussion.  Not too bad!  There weren’t too many snags.   So I started after the first episode.  Also…SPOILER…but everyone’s heard by now…Jon Snow is ALIVE!!  Such happy news.  But we can never let our guard down as there are many opportunities for characters to get taken down.

I’ve taken my project along on a lot of car rides and scenic tours:


(This was a fun day in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at the Schmeekle Nature Preserve…go visit there…it’s amazing!  Also check out their trail system):


I’m a little behind the month to finish but only have about 12 rows to go to finish.  I’ve hidden behind the shawl a few times while watching the show.  Thank goodness it was there.  Happily the character Queen of Thorns is still with us…for now.

This lady was watching me…I think she would like to start her own MKAL.

Where’s your favorite spot to work on projects?

Coming soon:  Some friends and I are tackling the Vitamin D Sweater:

I did start it before I finished my mystery shawl…but is that really news to anyone??


So much knitting and so little time-ily yours,

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment-