My Wednesday in Manitowoc

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting Manitowoc, Wisconsin for work.  It was snowing the whole drive to my work destination and kind of an all around yucko morning.  After finishing the job I thought, WHOA, I’ve got some extra time before my next appointment.  I’m going to check out a yarn shop I had seen on Facebook.

Loaded my Waze app with the address and it turned out I was just a couple of minutes away.  I’m not super familiar with Manitowoc so I was glad for the help from Waze to get me there no matter how short of a trip.

Downtown Manitowoc is so quaint and historic.  You should go.  You will like it.  I found the place, no problemo.  The building the shop is in is a cool historic looking gem.  The name of the shop is Lucky Rose Fibers.  When you walk in:



You are greeted with those most beautiful looking displays of color.  I was lucky because BritnyLe, the owner was able to chat with me for a bit.  I was overwhelmed a little with all of the goodies to look at.  Every inch of the place was carefully decorated and set up to show BritneyLe’s passion.  Job well done.  My Wednesday snowy, wet morning had just gotten better times 100.




I had the feeling of being in a cool old timey soda fountain with the black and white flooring and the color of the walls and door.  I was digging it.

BritnyLe kindly shared stories of her shop and herself and made me feel like we were old friends.  You know how you meet a person and when they start talking you can just feel what they are saying?  You just get it?  She told me about how she features other artists in her shop, is the dealer for the coolest spinning wheels I’ve ever seen, uses products from the Midwest, finds and carries things that are unique and helpful, and how everything she does is really to make a difference in others’ lives.  She shared stories about her therapy dogs, kids and family, her rabbits, and talked of dreams she had for the shop.  The minutes flew by and I knew I had better find my treasures as I was running out of time.  It wasn’t hard to find just one.  I was drawn instantly to these:


There were some yarns sitting on the counter that hadn’t been tagged yet that I just had to have:

You can see why.

It was pretty cool hanging out here.  Cool and colorful.

BritnyLe also have me a great bag for my treasures:


She kindly posed for a couple of pictures for me.

You can see her spinning wheel…just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the website for the shop:

BritnyLe has a lot of awesome plans for fun events like Saturday Knitting (maybe outside!), featuring more artists’ work, expanding the shop, and more.  I definitely want to visit again soon.

Thanks so much for the hospitality, BritnyLe!

Yours in Manitowoc on a Wednesday,

-Here’s my Pot O’ Gold-this moment-




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