Minnesota Shop Hop-Still Hoppin’

Stop Number TWO!

I had read about Lila and Claudine’s Yarn & Gifts online and was super excited to see them outside the shop:


They are awesome.  What beauties.  My Gaffer fancied them:


Every inch of this place is interesting.  Just quaint.  Awesome.  Did I say it is really cool here?

(This shop is owned by sisters Kirsten and Polly who named it after their two grandmas.  That is the best story!)

We walked downstairs to see the special yarn for the hop because, remember, I was in a hurry to not miss out on another one as I did my first stop.



There was a lot left.  Our kind host and shop owner (who happens to be wearing the shawl featured in the pattern) said they could easily dye more themselves so they knew they wouldn’t run out.  HOORAY!

L&C based their yarn and pattern on the book “Love in Every Stitch” by Lee Grant.  Such beautiful yarn and the pattern features a lace pattern that has the Braille spelling of LOVE in it.  Hence…love in every stitch.  Wow.  Just Wow!

We also met Ginger who was chillin’ in the hammock:

As we were down in the basement I couldn’t get over how this shop just had everything covered as far as decor.  The brick pillars were slightly angled and had little shelves on them for placing adorable knit or gift items.  Samples galore!  Hanging from the ceiling, the walls, placed here and there.  Nothing was overlooked.  There was a group gathering to hang out as we browsed.  An amazing lady was busy spinning.  Yes, I just stared and stared and was lulled into peacefulness.  (You do that too, right?)  On our way up the stairs, our host said to make sure to look at the walls because her sister likes to stick sh*t on everything.  Yes, that would be me rolling on the floor now.


She did a pretty good job.

The top floor had neat little rooms of treasures:

I could barely walk out of there.  It was amazing!  But we had a schedule to keep and so on we went.

(Here’s their website by the way:)



Next stop was the Sheepy Yarn Shoppe.

We couldn’t find a parking spot here so I had to run in and see what I could see very quickly.  This shop had made special t-shirts for the event featuring their theme that were so cool.  I wasn’t able to take any pics but I was lucky enough to receive their theme pattern.  The yarn had all sold out sadly so that really lit a fire under me to try for the next stop.  Their theme was “Puss in Boots” and featured really cool boot toppers.


(Here’s their website and they’re also on Facebook with lots of pictures:)


Their display was very cool with boots set up and toppers tucked cozily in them.  I started to flash to Shrek a little.  AND a little Antonio Banderas voice/cute little kitty eyes.  But I digress.  On to the next stop.  Need to get the Shop Hop Yarn.

Off we went to The Yarnery:


Well, we couldn’t get a spot here to park so I jumped out once more while the Gaffer said he’d suffer by waiting and watching The Masters updates in the car…and hey, text him when I’m done.

That’s a bit of pressure.

I found this:


This was their pattern for the Shop Hop.  Oh, how I wanted this yarn.  Happily they told me that the yarn would be restocked soon.  Signed up for their newsletter…check!  The theme at the Yarnery was “To Kill A Mockingbird” featuring five different covers of the book.

(Here’s their shop link:)


The yarn for the project was a gradient kit that was THE BEST looking yarn ever.  Or at least at this moment.  I will keep checking their Facebook page to see when the kits come back in again.

The shop also had their own yarn featured over their cool fireplace:


Doesn’t that look cool?  Such cool signs and names.  Their shop was set up by weights of yarn so as you traveled the weights changed.  Pretty cool! (Imagine if this were a drinking game and you had to take a drink every time I had said “cool”.)

Ah!  I think my time was up at this shop and onward!  Texted the Gaffer and tore him away from The Masters.

The next stop was at 3 Kittens Needle Arts Shop.


What a cute place!  They even had cookies!

This shop had the special shop hop yarn!  Yesss!

Their theme was “Lake Wobegon Days” featuring 2 hat patterns:


and GORGEOUS yarn:


(Here’s their website:)

I’ve never seen such beautiful samples of needle art than here.  Oh, they also had shirts made for the Hop which featured the state of Minnesota covered in Knit Stitches.  The creativity just abounded every turn we took.

The next scheduled stop would be StevenBe and I was giddy with excitement for this shop ever since we left Wisconsin.  Last year we visited here and I was star struck.

But I must leave that for another day as I may pass out from the thrill.  Maybe stop by again and let me tell you about that?

Happily hugging my new yarn,

-Here’s my Pot o’Gold-this moment-





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