Hopping around Minnesota

Last week was the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop!  (It ran April 7 – 10, 2016 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.)  My Gaffer and I set out on our adventure.  For some reason I had the story of Elizabeth Zimmermann and her husband, THE Gaffer, riding along on their motorcycle.  EZ was knitting on the back of course.  Hey, I was knitting along the ride, too.  Just in a car.  I stuck my head out of the window once.  (Not really because as we left our snowy Wisconsin home the air was just too icy.)


As we worked our way west, the weather just kept getting nicer.


We were so happy.  I spent a lot of moments planning out our strategy on how to see as many stores as we could in our short window of time.  (Last year I traveled to Minneapolis for Spring Break and coincidentally the Shop Hop was going on.  My travel friends and I were lucky that we hit on the first day of the Hop.  This year we couldn’t quite get there for the first day so Saturday it was.)  One of the coolest things about this Shop Hop was that all of the stores combined together to collect food and money for the food shelters in the area.  Worthy cause/lots of beautiful fiber.  Win, Win.

Every mile west brought warmer temperatures.  Our layers of coats started to fall off.

Then we arrived quite timely at our first stop:

Darn. Knit. Anyway.


(You can see us in the window kind of!)

What a great location.  Such a quaint area.


We loved this tree outside:


But it was time to get inside and see what treasures we could find!


As this was my first stop I was able to get all of my necessary items for the entire Hop and donate to the cause.

I also was able to get this cool bag!


With donations you could get pins for each stop to add to your bag.  (I heard some people were coloring their bags.  AWESOME idea!  I actually used my bag for navigation quite a few times.)

So with the Literature theme for the hop, this shop created their own graphic novel called:


Sadly I couldn’t snag any of the special yarn as it had sold out after Thursday and Friday (I really hope I can do the Hop next year on Thursday…crossing fingers).

The shop had the pattern from last year available which I gladly put in my hot little hand.  Never, ever turning down a free pattern.


Here’s a link to the store’s website:


(You can go on their blog and get some tips for getting their patterns as well as great helpful advice on projects.)

The shop also had a photo booth with cool conversation bubbles to be held up.  I don’t know why we missed this but I think it was because I was so giddy to keep going to try and snag more of the special yarns at each store before they were out.  So out the door I ran.  Oh, but I had to grab the Gaffer who was exploring the building.  (I exaggerate.)

One quick look across the street before we headed to stop #2:


I’m in love with Minnesota.

Stay tuned for Stop #2.

Giddily searching for the Hop Yarns yours,

Here’s my Pot o’ Gold-this moment:





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