Prom and to shrug or not to shrug

That’s the question.

Prom is less than two weeks away for my high school junior.  She is all set:  dress, shoes, what to do with hair.  But her mom (me) really worries about her poor little chilly shoulders.  I always want to cover up my kids with blankets no matter how old they are.

I don’t know how kids are always warm.

So I started thinking maybe I could knit a shawl or wrap for her to wear.  Then I had that thought of “Oh, she won’t want that.  It’ll be too OLD for her.”  But I never listen to myself when I think like that.  I went ahead and spent a bunch of time on Pinterest and Ravelry and found a really nice and easy wrap.

Then I picked out a yarn.  Oh, but there was another one I thought might work as well.  So I got a really long circular needle and tried them both out:


I’ve been enjoying the lighter weight yarn which looks a bit more yellow in the picture.  I thought for sure my kid would like that one.  UH OH, I heard that voice again.  She won’t want to wear it.  Eh.  Just keep knitting.

Then this morning I thought maybe I would see what she thought about either of the two.  Heh.

She wasn’t jazzed about either.  Right??

Sigh.  But I really, really like the pattern which is here:

Later this afternoon I happily went to a knitting party with some friends and asked what their opinions on this subject might be.  Most said that she probably wouldn’t want to wear a wrap.  It would totally fall off at the dance and who wants to mess with it all night.  It would end up in the garbage.

Plan B, please.

Then Jenny mentioned that she had made a shrug for her daughter.  A shrug!  Sleeves to stay on all night!  Like a blanket!  She also said that she started this project in the morning of the dance and finished it just a few hours later.  Bam!  That’s my kind of project.

Here’s Jenny’s pattern find:

Then I came home and found this yarn:


So I think I may start over and try a shrug.

I am also thinking about this shrug (I’ve actually made this one before):

Lesson of the day:  Ask your kid first.

Or don’t and just knit it anyway because it’s fun to knit.  Right??  I’m not good at lessons.

Here’s just a teeny peek at the fancy dress.  (I don’t have permission to put the kid’s face on here though…hee hee)


Good times!

Do you have any prom knitting advice for me?  Because I don’t know stuff…that’s what my kids tell me, you know.

Shruggingly yours,

Here’s my pot o’ gold – this moment!





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