WIP Wednesday and St. Patrick’s Day Eve

It’s that glorious time of year!  It’s the day that we make 140 shamrock cookies for friends.  This tradition was started just a couple of years ago and I have been looking forward to it for a while now.  That and wearing my awesome green converse high tops tomorrow.


Now that the cookies are all done and packed and ready to give out I wanted to quick get in a WIP Wednesday posting.  Before WIP Wednesday is over.  Oh and I need to get my brackets done for tomorrow.  Such a bizarre week.

Here’s what my husband brought home today:


That’s a big bracket.

I’m not sure what strategy I will go with.  Mascots?  Funny names?  Rankings?  mwah haha

In other news, here is my current work in progress:


This just makes me so happy to knit!  It is Hayley Foord’s Conundrum Shawlette:


(It also happens to be free!)

I’m using a beautiful ball of Crazy Zauberball yarn which in itself is so entertaining.  Grab some sock yarn and try not to become addicted to this pattern!

What shawlettes or scarves do you like to do?

Off to work on my WIP so soon it will be a FO.  (I was listening to a podcast today and was very entertained listening to the hosts – The Grocery Girls on YouTube-talking in yarnie:  They were talking about HOs and FOs and WIPs (half finished pairs of socks for HO, finished objects and work in progress just in case).   I hadn’t really heard HO before but it really sums it up for those projects that require you to make two parts.  Heck, I can barely get the one thing done.  I’m hoping to make two different socks-wearing cool for moms around here.  It is amazing how now there is a yarnie language.  The industry is just amazing!

Yours in GREEN shoes tomorrow

-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment!




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