Dye-namics Days!

It looks like there needs to be an intervention at my house.  I found some white yarn that I forgot I had (gasp!) and a few things I could dye them with and I can’t seem to stop.  My dogs are glad that they happen to not be a light color.  They might be green right now.


So anyway today I thought I would make an attempt to make a very quick gradient type of color.  Pinterest has so many fun dyeing tips that I pretty much spent an hour just lost on there.  That never happens to you, right?

I decided not to soak the yarn in water first to see what would happen.  I chose Cherry Kool-aid, Pink Lemonade, and Black Cherry this time.


Here’s the yarn that I “forgot” I had:


Anyway, again I filled the big ol’ kettle with just a bit of vinegar (just in case although everyone says Kool-aid is acidic enough), put my Kool-aid in.  I didn’t mix it hardly at all because I wanted to see what would happen just my laying the dry yarn in.

Then the exciting part:


It’s just so fun to watch the color absorb onto the yarn.


I submerged the yarn a little bit more to get the whiter spots a little bit more pink.

Then out it came:


Kool Beans!

Now I’ll go wash it and hang to dry.

Man!  Obsessed.  Maybe I’ll start taking people’s socks and “unmentionables” to dye next as I am really out of white yarn.  Or I’ll just go get some more white yarn.  Heh heh.

On a side note, I’ve just opened an Etsy store (over on the side bar) called Pot O Gold Yarn so if you’re so inclined, maybe take a look.  I’m putting together kits and singles from my Yarn Shop days.  Thanks!!

I guess I’m a dye-addict-ly yours,

Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment,




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