What a Dye-namic Day!

Some days you just have to dye yarn.  I found myself staring at some yarn that I had that I wasn’t too super crazy about.  Sure, it was fine and I noticed that it really matched a lot of colors that are sitting in Old Navy these days but I just wanted a little more.  Just a little. (The yarn I was using was Mission Falls 100% merino superwash, by the way.)


What do you do when you find yourself in that kind of a moment?


Grab your Kool-Aid.

It’s just so simple!  Pretty colors and pretty smells.

On a quick side note, I have been addicted to ChemKnits’ videos lately: http://www.chemknits.com/

She is amazing and very inspiring and I love the “Let’s see what happens” activities she does.  So that’s what I did.  I just wanted to see what would happen when I just popped those skeins of yarn into Kool-aid just as they were.  It was just so exciting to think about.

I soaked my yarn and then put some water, a little vinegar, and my fantastic Kool-aid into my big ol’ pot (most of the reading I’ve done on dyeing with Kool-aid says you don’t need to add vinegar as Kool-aid is acidic enough but in the past I’ve also ramped up the colors a little with food coloring so I figure just in case I will add some.)  It seemed like I was really watching the water and waiting and waiting and waiting for it to boil.


Just look at that!  So beautiful.  Wow, did it smell great, too.  (At this moment I had the thought that I would put a pork roast into the oven so that when people came home they would not smell wet wool, Kool-aid and vinegar but only delicious food.  People seemed to appreciate that.  wink wink)

Then into the pot, my little un-pretties-those are mean words…sorry!:



The lighter colored yarns absorbed most of the Kool-aid first which is interesting and expected.  I pulled those out after the water was all clear.


What interesting colors!  I asked my kids what color they would call it and I received SEAWEED as an answer.  I prefer to call this Sleestack.  Does anyone remember the show from Saturday Morning TV in the 70’s or the remake movie with Will Farrell a couple of years ago?

Then my darker olive colored yarn needed a zap so I went to my neon food coloring stash:

I just love doing this because there is no right answer.  You do whatever is pleasing to your eye.  It’s just fun to see what will happen.

Not bad!

This color shall be called SHREK.  Not seaweed.

Or maybe it’s Irish Seaweed.  Nah.

Here are the yarns all done and drying.  I love them!  Of course I really didn’t loathe them, I just need a little more “shazam” sometimes.

Now what shall I make?

Not seaweed-ily yours,

Here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!



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