Wool And The Gang Know how to Party


WOOOHOOOOO!  We just had a party!

Some friends and I just got together on Leap Day to really make the most out of an extra day on the calendar.  Yes, we had a knitting party!  There really isn’t a better idea for February 29 than that, I believe.  Unless you get invited to Willy Wonka’s or a donut factory.

Somewhere out on the internet one day I stumbled onto Wool And The Gang’s website and noticed that they have a tab for Parties.  Well, I’m sure not one to miss something like that so giddee up.  http://www.woolandthegang.com/parties

You can sign up to host your own event and make some quick big needle and yarn projects that WATG have put together.  They send you tutorials to watch in case you are stuck on anything or even if you’ve never knit before.  Each project has different levels so if you think that a project might be too hard or too easy, well, there’s one for you right in the middle, my little Goldilocks.

So we picked the Snood project because we all really need cowls here because it is freezing, windy, and pretty terrible weather in Wisconsin right now.  But then it will be 50 degrees and then 2.  It’s kind of like a teenager.  Don’t tell my teenagers I wrote that.

Here’s what it looks like when you receive your box of goodies:


We all LOVED the needles in the kit.  Oh and the BEAUTIFUL yarn, Crazy Sexy Wool.  It was really Crazy.  AND Sexy.  And Wool.


Peggy finished first because she is crazy fast.  Not crazy…just really, really fast.


We really had a great time and hey, if any one wants to get together to party, well, I am right here.







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