Malabrigo Yarn Giveaway to share the love


Oh, happy happy day!  I want to share the love with you!  I have 2 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted Weight Kettle Dyed Pure Merino Wool (each with 210 yards so that’s 420 yards total) that I’ve had living in my safe little yarn tote that needs a loving home.  I’ve been using a different skein of this to test knit a hat:


and I thought, Hey!  This is so amazing to knit with and it’s Valentine’s Day so there you go.  Let’s be friends!  Feel the love. I heart you!

Requirements to take part in the giveaway are as follows:

Visit my facebook page:

and like the page.  Also please leave a comment to this post below saying “Hey, Shana Banana-let’s be Malabrigo friends” (and any other nice words if you feel so inclined).  Once the facebook page reaches 100 likes with matching blog comments I will pick a random winner.  (If you already like the page, thank you!  Just add a comment here.)

Pretty easy!

Look at ’em again:

They need you to give them a home!

Okay!  This just makes me so happy and I can’t wait for Malabrigo friends!

Ever so periwinkley yours-

-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment-



My Knitting Pilates Muscles

The other day I thought I just can’t get myself going.  I really didn’t want to do anything exercise related like I normally do.  My normal videos just seemed kind of boring.  It was just so cold and windy outside that even just hitting the road sounded pretty hideous.  So I went on YouTube and stumbled onto this nice site call efit30 that has people from Australia doing Pilates videos.  Just the sound of their voices brought me to a nice sunny place.  So they have introduced me to Pilates.  I like how patient they are with beginning moves.  If you can really really think about breathing and focusing on your muscles, it’s pretty cool.  (yes, I have trouble remembering to breath and move myself at the same time, I guess.) People have all of these muscles but sometimes we don’t use them or think of how to use them better.  Of course I can barely touch my toes and probably am the most unflexible person in the universe.  Hence my challenge.  It just got me thinking.



I’ve been watching the website a lot and have thought about signing up for some of their classes and so I took the plunge.  Plus there was a 50% off sale so win/win.  I was interested in flexing some different knitting muscles that maybe I hadn’t thought about just like my Pilates experience.  There’s just so much to know and put to work with knitting.  I joined a Sally Melville class and a Lucy Neatby sock class.  So far it has been so worth the cash.  Plus on a windy cold -2 degree day, what else can you do?  I love hearing people talking about knitting no matter what particular subject they pick.  Podcasts are my saving grace in winter.  Well, then and in the shower.  Whenever I see a big event that may be located sort of close to me for authors presenting their books on knitting I always want to attend but usually cannot make it happen.  To have these two authors right there and available for questions is unbelievable.  Hearing their personal opinions on techniques and types of patterns, you are guaranteed to pick up tips to get your knitting muscles going.  Lucy Neatby and her double points showed me some pretty cool tricks in just the first couple of minutes.   The instructors give you written direction, patterns, and technique videos that you can have at your beck and call forever.  Well, kind of beck and call.  They are pretty good at addressing questions you post.

It must have been just one of those days because when I thought of my projects that I’m knitting, I also had that bored feeling.  So I decided to jump on Ravelry to see what people were doing.  I ended up scrolling through people’s test knitting pattern sections and thought, Hey, I’d like to do that so I joined up with a couple of them and have been test knitting hats.  How cool is this!  I’ve had a really good time doing some different techniques that I hadn’t ever thought about doing and learned some pretty cool things.  Check out the twisted German cast on technique that I’ve just recently had fun doing:

Great video for twisted German cast on that I LOVE

I also got to chat with some knitting people which is a blast.  While there I also thought I had better give my notebook of projects a look.  I’m a bit guilty of forgetting to log projects in there when finished.  When I look back I think, geez.  I haven’t been good at all doing that.  How fun it would be if I’d really gotten ALL of my projects listed there.  Another muscle I forgot how to use.  Ravelry has so much to offer to us that I wonder if I will ever get it all figured out.  There’s ear-burning, KALs, PMs, and swooshes.  Lions, tigers, and bears…oh, my.  (hey, visit my project page maybe:


Hey, exercise balls are also good at holding projects for you to take pictures of.  AND dogs like to watch.


Maybe you can give me exercise advice for my muscles and my knitting?

Pretty sure I’ll be sore tomorrow-ly yours,

-here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!



Super Bowl Knitting

Yay!  It’s the day of snacks and knitting!  The Super Bowl:  what commercial will be the favorite?  Oh, I mean which team will win?  (who cares…it’s not the Packers…hahahaha)

Just reminiscing today about a year ago when I was able to travel to my hometown of Beatrice, Nebraska to see my Dad for his 80th Birthday Surprise visit.  I took two kids with me and we traveled across Wisconsin, Iowa, and finally Nebraska in pretty nice weather, maybe 40 degrees.  We surprised the birthday boy and it was a great time…until the icy sleet and then snow started in the afternoon of the party.  Sunday morning we were supposed to head back home and wouldn’t you know it…we were stuck.  We actually were snowed in.  So we were going to watch the Super Bowl right there.  Oh, but did I tell you the satellite dish was iced up and there was no TV and my phone was in roaming so Sprint had just cut off my usage?  WHAT???  What do people do with no TV or smart phones?  Luckily I had some socks to knit and also a pair to repair from my Dad’s previous gift pair.  My kids had to do homework and then hang out with the grandparents.  That lasted a few hours and then we were dying for TV so it was time to send Tommy up on a ladder outside to knock ice off the dish.  He braved the Nebraska winds and snow successfully without even griping and we had TV.


I usually make chili for the Super Bowl so I was a little worried we wouldn’t be able to eat our traditional food and then another miracle happened. The grandparents had some chili in the freezer!  Score!  We were really living it up.  It was a pretty fun time being snowed in.  (it really was a treasure of a time)

The next day we had to head back.  (Did you know that 5 minutes outside of Beatrice, Nebraska Sprint service comes back to you?)  I was sure glad we didn’t try and drive the day before.  There must have been 100 cars in the ditch and more semis than I could count the whole way to Des Moines, Iowa.  Yikes. Even driving the next day was white-knuckle experiences.  I had cramps in my hands after gripping the wheel so tightly.  (lucky I knit and have pretty in-shape hands!)   I also learned that Windshield Wiper Wash doesn’t do you any good if the little squirty things are frozen and buried under ice on your car.  After Des Moines to Wisconsin it was smooth sailing.  Pretty sure I won’t be venturing out on another long trip like that for a while in the winter.  Hey, unless someone’s having a party and there’s cake.


So what are YOU going to work on in between snacks and chili for this Super Knitting Day?

A few posts back I had pictures of a project I had just finished for a special baby.  Here’s the baby wearing my football baby cocoon:


Got to like it when a plan comes together!  AND when someone takes a picture for you of such a cutie pie wearing your knitting!

Yesterday I was trying to organize my needles and maybe some of my bags of projects that I’ve put on snooze.  Yep, trying to get my creative space in shape along with of course and always, the bod.  I found this over the door hanging organizer for just a few dollars at the store and think maybe, just maybe this will be the thing that really keeps me on task to finish projects.  (do you believe what I am saying?)  Well, it’s a start.


What organizing tips do you have for me?  I need lots of them.

Now I am going to ponder:  shall I work on one of my current WIP or start another??

I found this really neat pattern on ravelry…  haha…  check out my facebook page and see all of the ones that catch my eye, er eyes.  There are enough for a couple 100 blizzards.

Not snowed in this year-ily yours,

-Here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!-