Obsessive Sweater Disorder

I’ve got that.  I’ve got the OSD.  I see a beautiful sweater on social media and I’m in.  I want to make it.  No matter that I have one or two or ten other projects going.  So what.  Wouldn’t you know it, the Mason Dixon ladies said to me (not just me of course) on facebook, Hey…want to join a KAL and bang out a sweater.  Well, yeah!  I’ll do it.  I’m in!  Sounds like fun.  #bangoutasweater

Hi, I’m Shana.  I’m obsessed and addicted to new projects to knit.  Pretty.  Colors.

The project that is going to get banged out is the Stopover custom yolk sweater which can be found here:

Stopover Sweater

They had me at it should be a project completed over just a couple of days.  Booyah!  It’s fun to join a Knit Along so you can go with other’s advice and experiences to complete the project.  It’s very motivating to finish to because if everyone else is doing it and you aren’t, well…peer pressure and what not.

Here’s the Ravelry Group for the Mason Dixon KAL:


Go on and join!  Everyone’s doing it.

Here are my colors I picked out.  (Gray is the main color and I’m still digging in my stash for a dark heather gray for my last color):


The pattern calls for a Lopi Icelandic Wool.  I have some from Schoolhouse Press but people around my house think it’s kind of itchy so I’m going with this mixed ingredient yarn.  It knits up to gauge and the people here in my house think it’s okay.  Well, you know, if you can knit one up quickly, there’s always time for a second or third with Lopi.  I love the violet sweater scheme that is pictured on the pattern page by throughtheloops.  I retweeted the picture of that.  That will be my second and Lopi sweater.

Anyway the KAL officially will begin February 1st!  That’s fun.  What else do you have to do on that day?  Nothing!  I’m THE enabler.

After I saw this fun project I went and dug out some of my books that I need to give attention to.  I’ve had these all for awhile:



This sweater project really makes me want to make more of this type of sweater.

Plus you have to go through Mason Dixon books as much as possible.  Tomorrow I will go through these and give them their due.  Because it’s important.  Each one!  You should have all of these.

Another sweater I’ve been dying to do is Amy Detjen’s custom yolk sweater Sipsey’s Folley:


It’s so great!  Amy named this after her dog.  Her dog liked to chase squirrels.  Hence the sweater design.  She’s my kind of lady!

On a slight side note, I happened to be at Target yesterday and saw these awesome new organizers that look like they are knit in plastic.  So I picked up some:


Whoa!  That is cool.  My new sweater project yarn is in there now waiting for February 1st.

So I need to finish up my fingerless gloves, gloves, and chunky cable vest before Monday so my conscience will be clear.  OH and maybe a chunky hat.  Maybe.

OSD-y yours,

-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment!







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