I like to paint and color things.


I had a white house once.  For a short time.  Had to paint it.  Had some white towels.  Oopsie, now they’re blueish.  Had some gray hair once…wait a minute.  Never mind.

I just like to color.  My sister and I used to color the newspaper.  We just colored columns.  It needed it.

Most of the time as a knitter I’ve just gravitated toward what others have made for me because my eyes become huge saucers when I see their beautiful work and I must, must, must work with their yarn.  Then one glorious day I found a sock dying kit that I had left from my yarn shop.  Why I didn’t use it earlier is really a mystery.  There it was, just sitting there, waiting for me.  Colors.  Anything I could think of to mix together.  Hold on now.  I didn’t know how to dye anything.  Most of the things I had dyed were by “mistake” or I mean by “opportunity”.  The kit had directions but it was like I had opened a furniture kit.  I didn’t need directions.  I could just figure it out.  (insert snort)

So that didn’t quite work out as I had hoped.  Then hey, I went and googled how to dye things AND I read the directions.  What a concept.  There are so many kind people out there who helped me and gave such good tips.  (Oh and holy cow, my Pinterest Board is full of more…how do people survive without Pinterest?)

(Here are a couple of awesome ones that I used).

Dharma Acid Dyed Yarn

Kool-Aid tips

Wool Festival Kool-aid tips

Then I dove in again, this time armed with directions.  I used my acid dyes from the kit.  Then I went to the store and got some Kool-Aid because that works, too!  Then I used food coloring.  Then I ran out of white yarn.

Seeing what happens when you add a little of this and that is so exciting.  And when the white yarn becomes this vision from your head, well, I can’t even find the words.  Such joy.

I found the very cool Knit Crate site that had more white yarn and also was just about to start a subscription for dyeing yarn.  What the heck, I thought.  This looks fun.  Kits are fun.  I like getting mail, too.  Their shiny red envelopes are so exciting to receive.  (Here’s Knit Crate’s link:)

Knit Crate

I have had a lot of fun creating my own yarn and I have learned tons of different ways to achieve different looks.

I just keep running out of white yarn.

Here are pictures of my “Irish Rose Yarn” that I handpainted 3 different ways (pretend to not see the purple in the picture, okay?)  I can’t wait to see how they all knit up differently:

I found this Irish Rose as my inspiration and aren’t I fancy for saying that:

irish rose

My talented sister-in-law knit this great hat with some of the Irish Rose yarn:

Isn’t she cute AND talented?  Here’s the pattern that she used:

Girl with a Pink Beanie Pattern

I also have a thing for Purple so:

Note to self:

Make sure you get that dye all dissolved because:


Isn’t that weird?  But I love it.  And it’s one of a kind.

It has been so great doing this and I’m exciting to keep going.

Maybe I’ll just start dyeing these right where they stand:

So now I’m reading about natural dyes and it’s just so amazing.  I want to throw stuff in a pot from my yard and see what happens.  Or use big ol’ Sun Tea jars and stick things in with yarn and see what the sun can cook up.  No end to ideas, just white yarn.

What are YOU going to color?

Can I get some more white yarn-y yours:

-Here’s my Pot O’Gold-this moment!-









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