How come I didn’t finish that project?


Well, that looks pretty good.

Except I am not sure what pattern I was using.  Why didn’t I finish that?  Well, simply I have a bit of knitting ADD.  I like pretty colors.  AND I like THOSE pretty colors.

This is an intervention.  You can see my dog, Buffy, is watching me and trying to keep me on track.  Good luck, girlie.

I was looking through some knitting bags (oh I have many) today and I found that beautiful red chunky yarn in what I think was going to be a cardigan and this hat:


It’s all done except for the I-cord on one side and a pom pom.  Geez.  I made it the whole way around the track and fell down at the end.  Ah, well at least I forgive myself.  I’m planning on finishing the hat at least tonight and also this beautiful purple chunky scarf…it just needs pom poms as well:


It’s hard to focus some days on finishing.

How do you keep yourself on track?

I told myself this year is the year I either finish these types of projects or pull them out and get it together.  Okay.

I will keep you posted!  I shall call today:  Finish It Friday.

Going to finish it for sure-ly yours,

-Here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!



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