Travels Tuesday: In search of yarn in Ireland

irish shamrocks

Who wants to go to Ireland?  Well, duh!  This past August I got the chance to go and do a charity run in Dublin and of course search for YARN.  I must admit that when I think of Ireland I think of sheep roaming everywhere freely and yarn just sitting all along the road.  Kind of like Wonkaland but with fiber.  (Here’s an Irish candy store that really got me thinking of Willy Wonka):

ireland candy store - Copy

Here’s what it looks like as you are about to arrive:

Then you get off the plane and:

Well, not really.


There weren’t any sheep roaming freely when we arrived.  Or yarn just sitting there for the taking.  Or edible dishes.

Dublin is a pretty big city.  So the next best thing:  look for yarn shops.  Thanks to Ravelry I had my list of yarn shops on my phone so I was ready.  I figured along the sightseeing tours I would spy some.  Well, not quite as easy as that.  Dublin streets are kinda curvy and hard to navigate (probably just for me) so I only found a couple of stores.

My favorite was:


This is Knit was pretty cool.  It was in an old building that was divided into a lot of small business and a restaurant.  I walked in and wouldn’t you know it, the knitters were all so NICE!  It doesn’t matter where you go but knitters and crocheters just are like that.  Daisies!

I just like talking to Irish people.  Doesn’t matter what we talk about.  They are just cool.  They could talk about laundry, soap, or rocks and I would hang on their every word.  The kind lady in the shop listened to me talkin’ in my hard Wisconsin accent and knew just what I needed.  I wanted Irish yarn that I couldn’t find in the states.  Well, lookie lookie:


Guess what treasures I found:

Yeah!  Oh and I scored some patterns, too.  Heh heh.

The shop was set up with all of the lovelies (my fiber loves) on the main floor and then upstairs was a gathering area for fans of the lovelies to gather and do their thang.  I knew that if I lived here in Dublin (right???)  I would totally hang out there.  For reals.

There are more shops to visit and boy, I sure want to go back and try.  Time flies double fast when you are there.  I did get to see this (the hubs posed nicely):

woolen mills

Mostly everything in here was already knit.  There are lots of things already knit here.  A lot of locals looked at me funny when I asked about yarn shops.  One lady asked why I would want to have yarn when you can buy many varieties of already knit cabled sweaters.  Well, come on now.  Silly.

After searching and searching some more we did this:

irish food

Also found a little of this:

There was a crochet coral display as well:

So much more to see:

irish rose

Thanks, beautiful Ireland!  You were super nice to us.  Maybe we could hang out again sometime.  And I’ll search for more yarn.  Cuz I don’t have any.


In love with Ireland-y yours,

-Here’s my pot o’gold-this moment!



4 thoughts on “Travels Tuesday: In search of yarn in Ireland

  1. Ireland seemed nice! I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to search for yarn shops in every new country I go to, and isn’t it great when we find local brands? (Note: don’t try this in Portugal or you’ll be severely disappointed – knitters there still think 100% acrylic is proper yarn!)

    Have you done anything with those Irish skeins?

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! I’m still trying to find the perfect pattern. I’ve been searching Ravelry and looking on Pinterest but yep, it has to be just THE perfect pattern so my Irish yarn is cozily waiting on me. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to just travel the world in search of yarn?

      Liked by 1 person

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