National Hat Day just keeps rolling…knitting big yarn hats


HATS!!  How fun are hats??  Especially ones that get done in the time it takes me to watch a movie?

Over the weekend I had the big size 15 circs out and humming.  I finished off the Marian  cowl ( and then had a little bit more of the delicious Como yarn by Debbie Bliss left over and so I went with the Shroom hat (my friend Dinah has made this hat and it just has stuck in my head for trying it…Dinah, the enabler!):

(I’ve got the pic on my facebook page).

Just a bit of info on my adjustments for these two projects:  I used a different size needle for both patterns as I couldn’t find the ones recommended in the patterns.  Yeah.  That happened.  But I just rolled with it.  Like a donut in some fine sprinkles.  I made the hat for one of my kids who has a lot of hair.  Her hair fits nicely in the big shroom part.   I couldn’t get a picture of her though.  Kids are like that sometimes.  She ran for the hills.  So sorry, all you get is me; my hair is smaller so I rolled up the brim a little.  You can wear it two ways, like a slouch hat or like a watch cap.  The cowl is so toasty!  I will keep that for me.  Or maybe I will give it away.  I don’t know really:


Buffy is always agreeable to most things and I don’t have to chase her or offer her much except popcorn for a photo:

I can’t get over how much I loved working with this big yarn!  This is my favorite thing…today.

The Shroom hat has a fun four-row pattern called Puff Rib that is really cool.  Shake things up a bit and try it.   A neat note that was in the pattern was that this pattern was adapted from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.  If you’ve never browsed through one of Barbara Walker’s books, you’ve got to get yourself to where you can see one.  There are many.  I have now collected them all.  You will learn so much and become your own designer in no time!  Really.  Good stuff in there.

I stumbled across a cool hat on Instagram the other day from this website:

Be sure to checkout the Yellowstone Skate Ski Hat.  What a great pony tail hat!

Now on to the next project!  Or two or three!

Still big yarnily yours:

-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment



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