Can I get a cowl here? Cowl? Anyone? Cowl?


So for my stylish outfit I’m sure I need a new cowl.

I want to make ALL of the cowls.  These things are amazing.  Stylish and functional.  I’ve made some already but as I am an addict to the cowl…MORE!  The magenta, gray, and black cowl (below) is the Angel Cowl pattern from Lucky Hanks on Etsy:

She’s terrific!  I also like her blanket patterns and kits.  Wow!


The others pictures are cowls made by arm knitting and with my Giants Needles.  Now there are more but I need to get to finding the next one!

Ravelry makes it so hard for me to limit my choices to just one.  I also like FREE patterns.  I’m kinda cheap.  Here are my top 3 picks (at least as of this moment and I will probably pick 3 more tomorrow because I love them all) and the Marian pattern earns my top pick:

(there are pictures on my facebook page of some of the ravelry patterns…bt dub; I’ve been playing with adding widgets on the left side of the page.)

OOH, here’s a mobius cowl at Number Two for fun techniques:

That’ll put a twist on it…get it? haha

Then there’s Brioche at Number 3 to try (LOVE squishy brioche):

Here’s another outfit to adorn with cowls (that’s one of my kids…shhhh):


Enjoy your day!  Here are some shots of a little Wisconsin winter:



Can’t deny I’m waiting for this:


Warm thoughts and chunky, squishy cowls to you,

-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment!



3 thoughts on “Can I get a cowl here? Cowl? Anyone? Cowl?

  1. Yes, you sold me on the ease and need for cowls! Just finished the hat that I posted about earlier and cast on to try the Marian pattern you recommended before (I put on 10 extra stitches since the largest needles I could find in the store yesterday are 17- do you think that’s enough?)


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