Knitting under dogs and blankets with double points

I love winter!  This is what I get to do a lot of the days.  With my sweeties (my double points AND dogs.)  Shhh working on a gift for a special someone!

Today I received beautiful gifts for my double points in the mail:


These are fanny packs made by Kelly Dempsey – Kelly from the Deli – from this past Project Runway season!  So awesome!  #teamfannypack  Here’s her website:

Now my double points have a beautiful sparkly home to travel with me where ever and they won’t fall into the bleachers or into that weird part under the seat of the van.  Safety for the little darlings.  Kelly really makes a fine pack.  The inside linings are amazing.

Boot Cuffs are good for double points, too:


If you are confused by how to work double points, picture them as a circle with splits.  Stack them like lincoln logs with the one you are working on at the top.  Don’t be afraid.  Keep at it and soon you will be performing at parties showing off your skills.  Always focus on the needle at hand and the others are just resting, awaiting their turn patiently.

Sometimes when making projects with double points it becomes a difficult thing because most are part of a two item set:  SOCKS.  I may be the world’s biggest offender for having one sock of a color and then I had to move on to the next color because that color was so purty.  It’s not my fault.  Just look:



It is not a crime to wear two different socks, I hear, however.


Okay, back to the under the blanket and dogs, people.  Get your double points out and start giving them some exercise.

Warmest of dogs to you,

-Here’s my  pot o’ gold – this moment!




2 thoughts on “Knitting under dogs and blankets with double points

    • Heehee!! You’re so kind! Thanks so much! Remember when you would come in and get some beautiful cotton and when I put it in a bag and gave it to your kids to hold and they looked like I gave them the best gift in the world? So precious! They were so little then!


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