Pom Poms love chunky yarn

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Northeast Wisconsin is sitting at zero right now.  I just took out the dogs to do their business and yep, got hit right in the face with a big ol’ windchill.  Nice.  My Wisconsin kids said that it might be time now to put the shorts and flip flops away.  bah ha ha

What in the world can you do on such a miserable winter day?  Make pom poms, of course!  Add chunky yarn and bon appetit.

My inspiration for this project was my dogs, Blue and Buffy.  Poor things.  They’re big dogs and every time we go out they want me to carry them.  I can’t hold 190 pounds.  Especially when it wiggles and cries.  They lift up their feet and just look so sad.  I tried to tell them to try the inside facilities.   They give me that look.

So anyway I grabbed some big yarn that matches my dogs and away I went.

Another joyous thing about this was that it took about an hour and a half to do!  Score!

Kinda looks like Yin and Yang, right?  No-Blue and Buffy.

Then the best part:  the pom poms with my official pom pom maker.  Not too long ago I just used cardboard circles made from cereal boxes.  So fancy now.  You can see Buffy is pleased to be matching with the scarf with her little white feet.

(please excuse my modeling…I just got hit in the face with windchill)

Blue gives his approval:


Now go get some big yarn and needles and make a scarf that looks like your dog.  And don’t forget the Pom Poms!

Good luck and warm thoughts to you!

-Here’s my pot ‘o gold-this moment!



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