Creating Stories with Knitting and Crochet

Creating stories with knitting and crocheting is nothing new.  It’s been happening forever with beautiful pieces of art being made with colors, cables, and stitch patterns.

Lately a lot of people have been enjoying “Scoreboard” knitting or crocheting projects.  Personally I’ve joined in with the Scoreboard cowl:


The idea is to keep score for your teams season by separating games with a round of a neutral color (white for me) and to knit a round for each point scored (green for the Packers of course and Gold for the other team).  Then at the end of the season you can see how everything played out.  It’s super fun to do.  (I’ve got to catch up a little to finish.  There’s a bit too much gold in mine unfortunately as well.)  You can pick up neat little tricks to add to your knitting arsenal such as provisional cast on, jogless color joining, eating chips and knitting at the same time…  heh heh.

(Oh and by the way, GO PACK GO)



There are also Temperature projects going on using Bernat yarn or whichever you like.  You use the color of yarn (below) for what temperature it is outside and put into your project which might be a blanket or scarf or whatever you can dream up:

temperature blanket

The finished projects are so beautiful and unique to where you live and you will have a lot of fun waiting to see what color you get to use next.

On ravelry there are a lot of ideas blossoming from this:–scarf-

One of my ultimate faves using mitered squares (just gorgeous!):

There’s a mood scarf as well to show how you are feeling (I’m thinking mood rings here):

There’s no end!!  Beautiful art telling your story.

I just love it.  Like a good rootbeer float.

What ideas do YOU have for story-telling?  I am easily influenced by others ideas and would so be up for a great new project.  haha

(Really.  Just ask my husband…he’s under all that yarn I collect.)

Good Knits to you!

-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment!



3 thoughts on “Creating Stories with Knitting and Crochet

  1. I like the temperature one, but it must have been made in a warmer climate, needs a couple of more colors in the below 22 range,( like below 10 and below 0) But nice ideas. Reminds me of the stories that used to be told in quilting and embroidery samplers.
    Ideas? Maybe a sampler scarf made of leftover yarns from projects for the year, in the stitch pattern used for that project? (rib, cable, stockinette, lace, etc)

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