Baby Cocoon and the Duplicate Stitch


What a bizarre title!

I just love these baby cocoons that are all around.  What a great idea!  A snuggly little swaddle.  (When my kids were babies I always had a hard time of getting the swaddle just right.  My husband is the expert swaddler though.  Every single time he would get it right.)

I found a few free patterns on ravelry and combined a little of each to come up with this.  The hat was just a simple little hat that I made up modeled after a hat I received with my third child.  (I do have the instructions and adjustments written down if anyone might want to know!)  A lot of the cocoon patterns that are out there have a closed end or buttons on the bottom.  I remember being up in the middle of the night and I could barely function so with that in mind, I changed this pattern and left the bottom open with ribbing so that changing a diaper would be a breeze.

Here are some of the ravelry links:


I also made a stretchy little hat to go with it.  The baby this is for happens to be a girl.  Girls like football.  I love how brown and pink look together.


I needed to do the seam of the football and thought I would do the duplicate stitch so that with the baby moving and stretching the seam wouldn’t get in the way.  The duplicate stitch is so great for adding whatever details you need to your project after its done.  It is a kind of trace of an already made stitch.  I also use the technique for weaving in ends after I’m done knitting a project.  It is such a neat and complete finish.

Here is a hat I made for the past winter Olympics where the duplicate stitch came in super handy.  By the time I had finished I really had a good grasp of the duplicate stitch.  GOLD!!!!



Happy Knitting to you!

-Here’s my pot ‘o gold-this moment!






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