Fab Fingerless Gloves: I love them so much!


Can we just take a moment to reflect on the greatness of these little beauties called fingerless gloves?  You can DO stuff with your hands and yet your hand stays warm.  Magic?  Perhaps.  Also these aren’t really gloves as there aren’t any spots for fingers but they can’t be fingerless mittens because that just sounds ridiculous.  There’s no end to their awesome mystery.  I dug out a few of mine as my newest driving kid was asking about gloves or mittens to use.  Hey!  Shazam!  Accessories!!!  I have those!

Back in the day of my shop I would  use a quick fingerless glove to show how amazing striping yarn would work up.  Usually I just made one because well, I got a little distracted and more yarn just keep coming in and I wanted to see what those would knit up like. Yes, such a struggle.  This little pattern is so great and easy that you could make a bunch of sets in just a couple of Netflix binge sessions.  (Please please watch Vampire Diaries…)



Anyway, here’s the pattern I used:

Size 5 double points

sport, DK, or worsted weight yarn:  about 100-120 yds.

gauge:  4.5 stitches/inch roughly

Cast on 48 stitches to your double points.  Join in the round.  K2 P2 around.  Continue in this pattern until the glove measures about 6 inches.

Now here comes the super fun part for your thumb:

k2 p2 for 8 stitches then bind off 4 stitches and continue pattern to end of round.

Next round:  do first 8 stitches in pattern and then cast on four stitches and continue in pattern to end of round.

Continue to do K2 P2 for about 2 to 2 1/2 inches or as your hand requests!

Bind off in pattern.  Weave in ends.  Snuggle your chilly hand in and stick up your thumb for a job well done!

Please do feel free to adjust as needed for your hand.  Add a different stitch pattern if you want.  Adjust lengths.  Do a jig.  Enjoy!


-Here’s my pot o’ gold- this moment











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