Take a look back at 2015

Hooray!  It is 2016!  We did it.  A fresh beginning and time to plan new projects!

But there’s really nothing I like more than to watch recap shows so I can say, “Aw, remember that?  Remember that?  Oh and how cute!”

So here are some recent things I’ve been knitting:

GLOVES!  Yep, gloves!  In all the years, I’ve never made a glove.  What’s more exciting is that one of my kids actually ASKED for a pair.  Hold the phone.  There’s the secret right there.  So I grabbed out my copy of Men in Knits by Tara Jon Manning.  I know I saw one in there.  Got started right away because my kid asked for GLOVES!!

Then, aw yeah, I found that these gloves were for really giant hands.  They fit the husband but were too big for the kid.  I really liked Tara’s pattern so I decided to make it work.  (Go, Tim Gunn).  Also if I made New Year’s Resolution, my resolution is to make more things on my own and wouldn’t Elizabeth Zimmermann be so proud.  So you can see the work above.  Pretty fun and pretty easy.  I grabbed the Willow yarn at one of my favorite stops:  Herrschner’s in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  Coincidentally, that is where my kid goes to college so I must stop in on trips to pick him up and see what’s new.  I have loved them for years.  49

Aww, then there’s the hat.  This kid also asked for a HAT!


So I made him this.  No specific pattern used; I just did it.  My mother-in-law made a hat for the husband and it was from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s very warm hat idea.


It’s double thick; it’s a hat inside of a hat.  Super warm and soft.  I worried that the kid would say it was itchy so I went with Berroco’s Comfort yarn.  No itch.  Cast on with provisional cast on and then just made a simple chart for the doggie footprints.  UWSP has the greatest mascot:  the Pointers!  The kid likes it!

Then my sweet daisy asked for a hat for her school.  UW Oshkosh’s mascot is the Titans so I didn’t think I could chart that up real quick so I just went for colors.  I just made this pattern up also (woohoo!!!) and things worked.  It sometimes is hard to be brave and just wing it.


(Just a couple more, I promise!)

Then below I made a pair of mittens for the family that the husband’s work adopted for Christmas.  This was a quick bulky mitten.  The exciting part was that I lined them with fleece and decorated them up a bit.  Super fun.


One more thing:

Finished a sweater vest for the husband for his birthday:


Hooray!  It was a good year!  Now what’s next?


-Here’s my pot o’ gold-this moment!




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