Arm Knitting!! But I will never use legs because that’s too monkey!

Getting close to Christmas now!  Ten days and counting!  Cheeseball has a birthday soon which just is bizarre because she will be 15.  WHAT????

Where did these little people go?

Everywhere I turn there is a discussion about arm knitting.  Even Wiseguy came home from college with stories about people there making scarves with their arms.  (I always think of Pitch Perfect, you know, where they make music just with their MOUTHS.)  Turned on Good Day Wisconsin and someone was talking about how she was making so many gifts this way.  This churned around in my head and finally I had to just do it.  I own many fine needles and I think they were glaring at me when I told them, No, not this time, guys.  Just usin’ mah arms!

used 2 skeins of Big Softie by Sirdar with 12 stitches

This project took maybe 20 minutes in all to make a nice cowl. My family was staring at me.  I think they thought it was pretty silly.  Eh.  Doing it anyway.

I love it!
I went to youtube and searched arm knitting and found a nice lady named Maggie who did a great job demonstrating how to do this.  Next time I would probably use 3 strands to make the fabric thicker.  A little too lacy.  I get stuck in too big of lace.

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