Adventures in Yarn Dyeing

(Dusting off the good ol’ blog a bit; absence makes the heart grow fonder, right??)

So I thought I’d give dyeing yarn a try.  Why not?  I have a lot o’ yarn and I like to color so…yeah.
I had a kit called Ewe Dye It Sock Yarn Dyeing kit that had a few dyes, recipes, and a hank of sock yarn that was just sitting there waiting, calling, beckoning me.  Let it rip, I thought.

I picked up some little cute jars at Shopko to mix the dye in and then picked an Autumn Mix to start with.  (Ah, Autumn; I love ya.)
After a few drops here and there and then some more because I really like vibrant colors:
Now I have to search ravelry to find just the right project for this lovely yarn.  I like to color.  My yarnie friends all warned me that I will become addicted to dyeing yarn.  Oh yeah, I’m there.  I want to color everything.  I saw a couple of little girls in church.  They had white coats.  I want to color those coats.
After this kit, I tried some Kool-Aid.  You can find a lot of direction online and youtube videos for this.
The colors weren’t quite as bright for me so I think I prefer acid dye colors.  Vibrant!



I mixed some food coloring in to the kool aid mixtures to give the colors some oomph.  These were white sock flats that I had from Plymouth.  You can wear them as already made scarves or unravel and knit into a new project.  That is what I have scheduled in my brain.  Anyway, I am officially an addict to yarn dyeing!

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