Super Bowl Eve

It has finally arrived…Super Bowl Eve!  It has been an exciting couple of weeks since the Packers beat the Bears.  Kathy and I ventured out on a day that the President was visiting our hood.  We took a back road because Kathy knows a lot of sneaky little ways around.  Then little did we know but directly flying over us was Air Force One.  Yep, it was right over the van!  Of course, neither of us snapped a picture because we were both yelling, Hey, what’s that?  Oh, that’s it…that’s it!  Wow, look at that!  It was very exciting.  Then we left to tell all of our friends.  Nobody seemed as excited as we were.

(didn’t take this but this is what it looked like)

Then a couple of hours later, I got to pick up Super from the Airport (no sneaky back roads to use here) and wouldn’t you know it, I was just about to swear at someone (not really) for not driving in the entrance of the airport and there was Air Force One taking off!  Two times in one day!!  Sorry, lady who I almost-swore-at.  I see why you stopped.  Plus, I never can really think of any swear words except for “You Bumbeses” (Christmas Story dogs who steal the turkey).  Anyway, very exciting day.  Super was a little grumpy that his flight was delayed an hour.  He has lots of ideas of people to blame for leaving him in the sky for a while. 

Obama landing at our airport…he’s smiling a lot even though his Bears lost.
Then adventure #2, Sneaky K and I ventured to wish the Packers well on their trip to Dallas.  Took a sneaky entrance into Lambeau (again…sneaky sneaky) and found the primo parking spot.  Ran up to fence just in time to see Aaron Rodgers looking snazzy in his fancy clothes.  Then Clay Matthews, then Donald Driver, oh, and then Coach Kevin Green.  Super cool!  A lady gave us free pom poms.  Good day!  We’re probably in videos of players who were taping all of the crazy fans.
  I had a red coat and K had a purple coat!  Look for us on You Tube.
Aaron Rodger getting on the bus
Adventure #3 took us to Lambeau again this week for an attempt to break the Worlds Record for HIgh Fives.  DiGiorno’s Pizza offered free pizza if you came out to do this so I was there!  Wasn’t first but pretty close.  Then you could spin a wheel for prizes and we scored big with a football and a key chain.  Did the High Five but feel pretty short of the record.  It was 6 to 9 degrees out.  Had to wear cuddle duds and snow pants.  Felt like a snow man.  Not cool in any way. 
K hiding behind her FREE pom poms
Now today Super and I and Cheeseball went to a 6th Grade Girls Basketball tournament.  Cheeseball’s team won in double overtime!  Very exciting.  And we got to each sub sandwiches. 
And now I shall put some knitting in here cuz its Shana Knits!  (Guess what…met another Shana via ravelry.  She is from North Dakota and saw my name and that it is pronounced the same.  Very cool and unusual.  Thinking of starting a Shana-Club)Finished socks for Gpa’s birthday (just used the nice little Knitting Pure and Simple Men’s Boot Sock pattern…so sweet and easy) and am now working on a sweater (another Knitting Pure and Simple pattern for a hooded tunic for 24-months).  I have a sister-in-law who is expecting so I get to think of cute baby things to make so I’ll go and consult ravelry.  I usually look and look and look and then forget to make things.  (Check out this link…nice looking sweater: or looks fun, too.  There are so many to see but I am limited to the ol’ unisex ones for now.  There are so many cute girl sweaters.
Whatcha gonna do?  Make mittens!  Check out this pattern: (gotta log into ravelry) Cabley Mitties by Allison Clayton…beautiful or these cute snowmen mittens:
High Five @ Lambeau!
Going to work on something in Green and Gold for St. Norbert’s because WiseGuy just chose that for his college.  Now that is going to be fun! 
Also have to get the college blanket done.  Yikes…can you feel the pressure??
WiseGuy picked his school!

Cheer for the Pack and that good guy, Aaron Rodgers.  His parents should be proud.  They did a good job!

Aaron Rodgers’ bus pulling out and heading for the airport.  I’m sure he is waving at me.

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