Nobody puts the Black Eyed Peas In the Corner!

Oh Happy Day!  Dirty Dancing lives again!  Jennifer Gray on Dancing with the Stars and now this song from the Black Eyed Peas.  It is a good day!  I listened to this about 30 or 40 times already today.

Nobody puts the Black Eyed Peas’ new song in the corner

Then we woke up today to a beautiful Wisconsin sunrise.  There might even be a few snow flakes this afternoon.  Gotta love it.  Bring it, Winter.  I can make a lot o’ hats AND mittens.  Last night did some work on the Scooter Sweater while catching The Middle and Modern Family.  These shows are hilarious!  I don’t usually watch Cougartown but didn’t want to stop in the middle of a round so I kept going.  Wow, did they do a good job of featuring The Usual Suspects!  Classic.  Feel like I should watch that now.  And as I had such a good seat on the couch by Super we decided to catch Stormchasers.  Sad episode as one of their meteorologists passed away.  No, not tornado-related at all.  Good tribute.  Love my shows.  To counter these shows, I will work out with Mia and do the 5K today.  Pretty sure at least.  Well, its a little chilly.  Go away, Mia.  Thinking today about my guilty pleasure of knitting………….shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……don’t tell………..heh..heh…doll clothes.  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.  I love making them.  Cheeseball appreciates them so much still.  I’m going to check out ravelry later today to see whats new there.  Also feeling the sampler afghan pull.  I want to spend hours drooling over patterns for these.  Did I mention ravelry?  Gonna make up a song, my ode to ravelry.  Thinking of a wish list of things I want to try while sleeping last night (yes, I really did):  I want to get some more time with the square needles.  Just got a little teaser of these at Stitches.  Been thinking of them lately.  Also wondering what is happening with Signature…can I please try a circ?  Dying to.  Today and tomorrow get to help with our Auction for the kids’ school so going to try and sit quietly in the corner and get a few more Scooter rounds in.  Seems like odds are not so good but, eh, you never know!


Yesterday Big Red and Cheeseball were hamming it up during kid pick-up.  Or is that Gangsta Cheeseball?


Taylor was doin’ some blogging as well.



She is adorable!  But also a little bit stinky so Conchi had to do a little housekeeping as Taylor had some Bid’ness to clean up.  PU!

WiseGuy was happily getting a couple of college acceptance letters yesterday.  Two outta five back.  Still don’t know which one he’s going to pick but how exciting to have options.
Fredburger was quiet today.  No news to report!  Hey, see you later unless you’re Mia…mwah hah ha!

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