Who’s Coming to Dinner??

No, it is NOT my little pig friend with the wig…

Who IS it? Yesterday I had trouble even thinking of what to do but today the decision is made! Thanks to Fox 11’s Amy Hanten’s cooking show and Festival Foods:

I shall call it Mexi-Crazy-Fiesta or the proper name is Super Quick Taco Skillet. What a beauty!

Pretty painless really.

Last night the movie to knit by was Russell Crow’s Robin Hood. As Kevin Costner’s is really my favorite Robin Hood, I had a little trouble following what was going on but still pretty darn good. (7 1/2 needles up outta 10 for me)

By the way here are some projects going on at my pad (its fun to say that):
Here is the college afghan for Wise Guy:

This is from the Great Little Plymouth Booklet, Done By Monday Afghans. A little Encore and a nice big ol’ size 13 needle will get the job done!

I finished another one of these not too long ago that Cheeseball has taken hostage. I made it on the way from our house, to Utah, and Back Again (kinda like how Hobbits travel). Cheeseball loves it because it looks like a candy cane. mmm candy

Here is something that Conchi made up. She just plucked the idea right out of her head and put it to work. There’s a whole lotta stuffed creatures in the Room O’the Girls so a pet net was just what we needed:

Proud of Conchi. She did it! Check out the purple and clouds on the walls. Yep, purple.
Figured Super needs a sweater so here is that (Super, if you’re reading this now is the time to close your eyes as your birthday is coming up and its sure is going to be done by then, I hope):

Berroco’s Peruvia Quick and the Man Sweater book rock.

Then of course that is not enough projects going on at once so I started a good ol’ hoody for Scooter the Great. Did that while hanging with the Peeps and watching a little Harry Potter. Knitting Pure and Simple patterns are so good to watch movies with. They just roll right along and then you’re done.
‘Nuff for now. Stop back and keep reading! Promise. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze??


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