Voting Day

Yep, it is voting day today, November 2, 2010!
What pops in my head??? “I can see November from my house.” Thanks, Sarah Palin. Good one. So I voted. Didn’t get a sweet sticker though. Friend 1 did. I am jealous. Gotta work through those evil thoughts, I guess.
Second thing…what shall I make for dinner? OH NO…it’s almost 5 o’clock! Can we go and get dinner somewhere?? No, too late. Super said, “You know, we did that last night.” Thanks, Festival Foods. (I’m in a thanking mood).
Thirdly, what can I knit instead of making dinner?
So I should warn you…at this point…its been a while again since I’ve been on here so I’ve got a lot of air to get out…here is where Fredburger would mention some kind of a gas joke.
Introductions to the code names:
Super…well, of course, that’s the husband
Wiseguy: Kid 1
Conchi: Kid 2
Fredburger: Kid 3
Cheeseball: Kid 4
Big Red: Dog 1
Taylor: Taylor the rabbit…no code name that I could come up with..still too hungry
Me: Frankie (have you watched The Middle? ‘Nuff said)
Okay. Now onward.
Had Halloween. Didn’t knit the costumes at all.

Fredburger and Cheeseball.
They love each other.
They look like twins.
Getting yelled at right now.
Ouch. Got a punch.

Oh, had a birthday. Goood cake! Cheeseball made the cake and took the picture.
Friend 1 gave me sodey. Love her. Friend 2 gave me Banana Muffin Candle. Love her.
Full of love.
Now must go eat.
Typed this and made food. Oh yeah. That’s right. BBQ Porkchops, rice, corn (our fave veggie…sorry, Ann, nothing exotic), croissant (insert french accent here), and that’s about it. See you later. Promise. Will be back later. Promise. Read on…

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